Voice Messages

In order to enable voice messages to visitors you have to do the following things.

  • Make sure you are running 3.29v
  • Make sure you are using new widget embed code.
  • Your nginx or apache allows to access wasm file types and sends proper headers.
  • In file configuration section https://demo.livehelperchat.com/site_admin/file/configuration you set
    • "Allowed files types for operators" contains "mp3" as supported extension
    • "Allowed files types for users" contains "mp3" as supported extension
    • In "Voice messages" messages section you have enabled it for operators or visitors also set max voice message length. Length applies only to visitor messages.
  • If your operator does not see voice messages button  make sure they have "lhchat", "voicemessages" (Chat, Allow operator to send voice messages) permission.

Youtube Tutorial


Required permissions


Operator also have to have permission to upload files.

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