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Voice & Video & ScreenShare

We are using as service provider for our implementation. In the future we might add support also for gives everyone 10000 minutes every month for free. It should be enough for most of the users.

You can also test video calls live on official website demo


Voice & Video & ScreenShare works only with a new widget. An old widget is not supported

Live Helper Chat installation.

Navigate to

System configuration -> Live help configuration -> Voice & Video & ScreenShare (Configuration)

Adjust what features you want to enable

  • Calls enabled - is video calls enabled in general. This will activate call option in chat widget.
  • Video enabled - there will be an option to share a video cam for the visitor.
  • ScreenShare - screen sharing option is enabled

Agora APP ID and Agora App Certificate you will know from below.

Agora installation

  • Enter project details. At this stage only name for your own purposes

  • Once you do that click edit. Click an eye icon on App ID field. Field value will be copied to clipboard. Paste this value in Live Helper Chat Agora APP ID field.

  • Now click on App certificate: -> Primary certificate field eye icon. Paste this value in Live Helper Chat Agora App Certificate field .

Click save settings. That's it!


As soon operator accepts a chat he will see on the right column options about voice calls

Phone icon appears to the visitor as soon chat is accepted by operator.

Visitor as soon clicks this icon will see. He can choose what call he want's audio/video

As soon visitor clicks join. He will see information that operator has to let in him.

Operator on his end will see a request that visitor want's to start a video call.

If operator initates calls first. Visitor will see

Operator also on the left will see new updates about call

Opening call window will represent operator call status

As soon operator joins the call he will see an option to let in visitor

After an operator let's in visitor operator will see call window. Yes it's me :D

Operator additionally can

  • Leave the call - call status will not change. Usefull if other operator should take over a chat.
  • End the call - call status will be set as ended and chat will end also on visitor side.

Icons and their meanings

  • Mute/Un-mute a mic
  • Turn off/on camera
  • Share a screen

Visitor/Operator at any moment can enable/disable mic/audio/screenshare while the call is happening.


To set parameters


To use it as operator