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Quick development guide

   debug_output => true
templatecache => false
templatecompile => false
modulecompile => false
  • To compile JS from lhc_web folder execute. This will compile main JS and old widget javascript files.
    • npm install && gulp
  • To compile new widget V2
    • There is two apps wrapper and widget
    • cd lhc_web/design/defaulttheme/widget/wrapper && npm install && npm run build
    • cd lhc_web/design/defaulttheme/widget/react-app && npm install && npm run build
  • To recompile back office React APP (Left toolbar, Group Chat etc...)
    • cd lhc_web/design/defaulttheme/js/admin && npm run build
  • Recompile static JS/CSS files. This is required if you change core JS files. It also avoids missing CSS/JS files if more than one server is used.
    • php cron.php -s site_admin -c cron/util/generate_css -p 1 && gulp js-static

One command to rule them all

I usually before releasing next version I just run from lhc_web folder. It will recompile everything.

cd lhc_web/ && ./

During development process make sure you disable network cache Network -> Disable cache in Chrome developer toolbar.

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