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Mail module introduction

Module is used by clients who have in one installation over 300 mailbox and thousands of mails imported per day.

Don't forget to setup cronjobs just.

How to upgrade to mail version

As this module is a standard Live Helper Chat module just use default upgrade workflow

Do I have to user mail module in order to use chat module?


What is a minimal things I have todo to have mails imported?

  • In Settings -> Mail conversations -> Mailbox setup a new mailbox
    • Enter Login options
    • In Mailbox tab click Get mailbox to sync and choose what IMAP folder you want to sync.
      • Choose what mailbox you want to sync E.g for sync folders {}INBOX AND {}Sent
      • Choose where deleted e-mails should be moved E.g {}Trash
      • Choose a send folder E.g {}Sent
    • Define a Matching Rule in Settings -> Mail conversation -> Matching rules These rules defines to what department e-mails should go from specific mailbox.
  • Setup cronjob which will fetch e-mails
    • Boilerplate sampel for all cronjobs Boilerplate cronjobs
    • Just mail sync cronjob, you can run it manually first time.
      • If your mailbox import takes long time or you have many mailbox you can decrease frequency how frequent that cronjob is run.
      • Best performance is reached if php-resque extension is used.