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This article will explain everything about user account and permission options.


Operator can access his account by clicking top right menu icon.

Once he logs in he will see his account like this


Required permission to access account page



  • Chat nickname - visitor will see this as operator name he is chatting with.
  • Job title - job title is visible in chat widget in operator profile block.
  • I receive other operators permissions request - means then other operator request some permissions this operator will get e-mail.
  • Skype - if operator enters his skype - icon will be shown.

Assigned departments

If operator clicks checked to the left of the eye icon he will get access to read this departments chats but not accept/chat.


Required permissions to access assigned departments tab and see assigned departments


Required permissions to access assigned departments tab and see assigned departments groups


Required permission to be able to edit assigned departments/departments groups. Without this list will be just rendered without possibility for operator edit assigned departments. This gives permission to choose departments groups and departments.


Required permission to choose all departments in account edit


If operator will have 'lhuser','editdepartaments', but won't have any of 'lhuser','see_assigned_departments', 'lhuser','see_assigned_departments_groups' he still won't be able to edit his own departments.

Visible lists

Use can choose what lists he can see.

How to disable bot chats for an operator to see ?

You can disable this window for an operator and remove option to see bot chats. So operator would not see a bot chats.


Required permission to change lists.


Personal canned messages

User can have personal canned messages also which will be visible only to him. Required permissions.

Personal auto responder

User can have also personal auto responder. Personal response messages will override default auto responder messages. Required permissions.


Auto responder for department also has to be setup.


User can change few general settings related to chats workflow.

I can see all pending chats, not only assigned to me

By default, dashboard Pending widget shows all pending chats. You force pending widget to show chats only assigned to you by checking this options.

You can disable this option for operator by removing this permission.


Automatically accept assigned chats

System will automatically open assigned chat tab while you are on dashboard page.

Exclude me from auto assign workflow

Let say you are Supervisor and want to accept chats also, bot do not want to participate in auto assignment workflow. This is the option for you.

Auto preload previous visitor chat messages

Chat will automatically preload previous chat message if we find that visitor had any chats before.

Auto uppercase sentences

We will uppercase automatically operator sentences.

Maximum active chats

You can set how many active chats you can have. This will not assign any new chats to you if this number is reached. More information about auto assignment

Remove my closed chats from opened chat list on page refresh

Chats will be removed from open chat tabs if

  • Chat is closed
  • You are a chat owner
  • Chat was closed minimum 5 minutes ago


Required permissions to see this tab.



In speech section you can setup default speech settings. If you choose languages you speak auto assign workflow will try assign these chats to you first.


Required permissions



This section allows you quickly see to what module/functions you have access to. User also can ask for permission to specific module. Using Request permission button. Mail is send to User who have checked I receive other operators permissions request.

To grant permission itself you have to edit Role and just assign requested permission manually.


Required permissions



In this section operator can configure settings related to new chats notifications aldo enable activity tracking so operator would go offline/online automatically. Related information how to automate online offline status