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Operator To Operator chat, Group chat

There is a few ways how operators can chat between each other.

  • It can be to a client related chat
  • It can be a private chat between operators
  • It can be a public

More information about group chats/private chat can be found here

Start chat between operators in a chat window

There is a few ways to start a support chat

  • Operator can click right mouse button on visitor message and click Ask for help

  • Operator can click a private chat tab

About required permission you can read here

Start chat directly with another operator

  • Operator can either start chat from logged operators list by clicking chat icon
  • Operator can create a private chat from dashboard group chats widget and invite another operator.

Online operators tabs configuration

The initial process starts by listing online operators. To see this tab

  1. Online operators listing has to be enabled. Configuration > Chat configuration > List online operators, 0 - no, 1 - yes.
  2. User has to have Users, groups management module Allow user to see logged operators list

Then user clicks Start chat he will see start chat form for operators

After that the recipient operators will hear a sound about pending chat and will see new chat in "Transfered to you" row. That's all. For these permission for operator to take effect operator has to logout and login to back office.