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Permission system explanation

Permission system consists of three items.

  1. Users
  2. Groups
  3. Roles

Users can belong to n groups. Groups can belong to n Roles. Roles can have assigned custom module functions. These combination's gives very flexible permission system.

Users module

Users module is responsible for managing all data associated with user. It consist of these functions.

lhuser - Users, groups management
Module functionShort explainNotices
groupassignuserAllow logged user to assing user to group-
editgroupAllow logged user to edit group-
creategroupAllow logged user to create group-
deletegroupAllow logged user to delete group-
createuserAllow logged user to create another user-
deleteuserAllow logged user to delete another user-
edituserAllow logged user to edit another user-
grouplistAllow logged user to list group-
userlistAllow logged user to list users-
selfeditAllow logged user to edit his own dataWithout this permission user will not be able to access his account data.
editdepartamentsAllow logged user to edit his responsible departamentsWithout this permission user will not be able to edit hist responsible departaments. Assign himself to departament or remove from departament.

System module

This module is responsible for html code, expire cache, and configuration links managing.

lhsystem - System configuration
Module functionShort explainNotices
useAllow user to see configuration links.-
expirecacheAllow user to clear cache-
generatejsAllow user access HTML generation-

Permissions configuration

This module is responsible permissions system.

lhpermission - Permissions configuration
Module functionShort explainNotices
editAccess to edit role-
deleteAccess to delete role-
listAccess to list roles-
newAccess to create new role-

Install module

This module is responsible for installing the Live Helper Chat.

lhinstall - Live helper chat installer
Module functionShort explainNotices
It has no defined functions.

Frontpage module

This module is responsible for displaying frontpage, just after user logins.

lhfront - Live helper chat installer
Module functionShort explainNotices
userGeneral frontpage use permissionThen creating member role you should always grant this permissions.

Departments module

This module is responsible for departmetns.

lhdepartament - Departments configuration
Module functionShort explainNotices
alldepartamentsAccess to all departments chatsIf you want that user would be able to access all departments, you can grant this permission to role instead of marking all departments witch can access.
listAccess to list departments-
createCreate new department-
editEdit department-
deleteAllow to delete department-
selfeditAllow user to choose his departmentsUser with granted this permission will be able to choose what departments he wants to belong.

Chat module

This is core module of chat. It's responsible for managing Live helper chat's

lhchat - Chat
Module functionShort explainNotices
allowcloseremoteAllow user to close another user chatUsualy then another user closes another user chat, chat does not get into state closed. Unles chat closed person is owner of the chat or user has this permission.
allowtransferAllow user to transfer chat to another user-
deleteglobalchatAllow to delete all chatsUsualy only owner with "deletechat" or users with "deleteglobalchat" can delete chat. Otherwise nothing happens.
deletechatAllow user to delete his own chatsThis permission have to be granted if you want that users should be able to delete his own chats.
allowchattabsAllow user to user chat rooms functionality-
singlechatwindowAllow user to use single chat window functionality-
useGeneral chat usage permission-