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Jitsi integration

What is Jitsi?

Jitsi is a free Voice && Video && Screen-share application.

You can add call capabilities to Live Helper Chat free of charge.

Integration flow

We integrate Jitsi link generation using.

  • Bot commands. !jitsi
  • Using core Live Helper Chat functions. 4.16v is required

No extension is needed.

More information what url can be passed to Jitsi please see this link

Thanks to comment author who inspired to prepare and improve Live Helper Chat to support Jitsi :)

Bot setup

First we create a bot with single trigger content.

Create a new trigger and click Show code under trigger. Paste following content and click Load. There are two format options in this sample trigger

  • Either send join a call as a standard link.
  • Either send it as a button

Please edit a trigger response after you do that and keep the one you like more.

"_id": "PPoWR0hsA",
"type": "command",
"content": {
"text": "",
"command": "chatvariable",
"update_if_empty": true,
"payload": "{\"jitsi\":\"{random_20}\"}"
"_id": "eCyS5SV8s",
"type": "text_conditional",
"content": {
"text": "",
"intro_us": "[url={}#userInfo.displayName=\"{}\"&\"{}\"&config.prejoinPageEnabled=false&config.requireDisplayName=true]Join as {}[/url]\n[html]\n<a class=\"btn btn-success btn-sm\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"{}#userInfo.displayName=&quot;{}&quot;&;{}&quot;&config.prejoinPageEnabled=false&config.requireDisplayName=true\">Join as {}</a>\n[/html]\n",
"full_op": "",
"intro_op": "[url={}#userInfo.displayName=\"{}\"&config.prejoinPageEnabled=false&config.requireDisplayName=true]Join call as a {}[/url]"

After that it should look like.

Bot command setup

Now we just need to setup bot command operators will use to generate link

After that you can just type !jitsi in the chat messages area. Link generate for Operator and Visitor will have same hash.