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Secret hash

Since 3.97v it was to weak for nowadays purposes. If you have present installation I suggest it to change to at-least 50 characters string. 80 recommended and include special characters.

Trusted hosts and Site address

In 3.97v there is few new settings. If you are missing them you can add them in your settings/settings.ini.php file under site section.

'site_address' => '',
'trusted_host_patterns' => [
'^demo\.livehelperchat\.com$', // Explicit domain
'^.+\.livehelperchat\.com$', // Any subdomain

Location in default configuration

Export hash

As with secrethash same situation with Export hash

Export hash can be changed in.

System configuration > Live Help configuration > Chat configuration > Misc > Chats export secret hash

Set it to at-least 50 characters length.