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How to override templates?

By default all templates are location in


folder. I have prepared custom theme where you can override default templates by creating identical template path in customtheme folder.



If template is located in

defaulttheme/tpl/lhchat/getstatus/container.tpl.php - it's user status template used to show user status is he online or not.

If you want to override this template you have to create template in


Like in settings/settings.ini.php themes order is in the following order

0 => 'customtheme',
1 => 'defaulttheme',

Customtheme has priority against defaulttheme, so that way you can override any template you want without changing default templates. You can also override same way images/css/js and so on. Don't forget to disable cache while developing. Also after you enable cache again, clear it from back office by clicking clear cache.

Main templates to override

To include custom CSS

  • design/defaulttheme/tpl/pagelayouts/parts/page_head_css_extension_multiinclude.tpl.php - for back office pages
  • design/defaulttheme/tpl/pagelayouts/parts/page_head_css_user_extension_multiinclude.tpl.php - for front end pages

Sample code

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo erLhcoreClassDesign::designCSS('css/myextension.css');?>" />

To include custom JS

  • design/defaulttheme/tpl/pagelayouts/parts/page_head_js_extension_multiinclude.tpl.php - for back office pages
  • design/defaulttheme/tpl/pagelayouts/parts/page_head_js_user_extension_multiinclude.tpl.php - for front end pages

Sample code

<script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo erLhcoreClassDesign::designJS('js/extension.lhc.js');?>"></script>

multiinclude keyword at the end indicates that each time template is found (let say in another extension) it's included.

Read here how to override only CSS/JS files

How do I know in what module template is executed. Usefull in case you want to execute your JS in specific modules only without overriding module itself.

To check is it specific module.

// To get siteaccess site_admin/eng/fre etc.

// To get module
if (erLhcoreClassModule::getModuleName() == 'chat') {
// do your thing

// To get function
if (erLhcoreClassModule::getCurrentView() == 'start') {
// do your thing

// To check is it dashboard
if (erLhcoreClassModule::getModuleName() == 'front' && erLhcoreClassModule::getCurrentView() == 'default') {
// do your thing

Old widget

For native placement template you have to override defaulttheme/tpl/lhchat/getstatus/native_placement.tpl.php"` the most easiest way to override widget interface you which is rendered on site is just override it using css with !important flag.