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How to move chat from one location to another?


Small tutorial how to move from one location to another location LHC instance.

  • Dump/Export database. For example form phpmyadmin or any other database tool.
  • Transfer chat folder from old location to new location.
  • Import database to new server
  • Disable cache
'templatecache' => false,
'templatecompile' => false,
'modulecompile' => false
  • Update database settings in settings/settings.ini.php file
'db' =>
array (
'host' => '<host>',
'user' => '<username>',
'password' => '<password>,
'database' => '<database>'
  • Make sure cache folder is writable
  • Clear cache in back offce
  • Enable caching by setting previous values to true

Should I export table lh_chat_online_user footprint as well?

No it's not necessarily. It will fill up again just you won't have users browsing path.