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Surveys allow you to gather information how well customer was served.

Survey list

There you can do few options

  • Clicking on survey title will show you survey window where you can see all collected information over the time.
  • Clicking on edit button will show you survey edit interface.

Survey collection information

In survey statistic page you can filter by various options and export report.

Survey stats

In chart window for stars you will see chart.

Survey chart

Survey edit window

Survey window


You can have custom values for survey options by defining survey option like [value=15] 15 value

Feedback text

This attribute supports Canned replaceable variables and {<attribute> syntax.

Multilingual support

Every question support Bot individualisation which you can set per department. So for questions/answers you can use.

{main_question__Main question here}

After that just translate text in Bot individualisation

Chat and survey

What survey should be shown to visitor can be set few ways

  • Either you set it in department edit window survey tab.
  • Either you redirect visitor manually from chat.
  • Either you pass survey argument.

To redirect visitor to survey you have to click this icon in chat window

Survey icon

How to redirect visitor to survey from bot?

You can have this defined as button click or just as trigger to execute on auto responder.

Update current chat -> Update main chat attribute -> and in Chat attribute name enter status_sub and value enter 5

Internally it just means const STATUS_SUB_SURVEY_SHOW = 5;


I close a chat, but I don't see any survey

There is a few conditions has to be satisfied for a survey to be shown. On chat close event one these of these conditions has to be satisfied

  • Chat has to be in bot mode
  • Chat has to be accepted by operator

If chat is closed by a visitor and chat is in pending state. Survey won't be shown.

Multiple clients support

If operator does not have permission to access all departments survey is assigned he won't tbe able to view/edit survey details.

  • Operator has to be assigned to all departments survey is assigned to
  • For basic permission just to view survey statistic 'lhsurvey', 'list_survey' permission should be assigned.


In order operator to be able redirect visitor to custom survey they have to have this permission.

'lhsurvey', 'redirect_to_survey'

In order to configure surveys. Create a new one/edit and old one. Operator has to have this permission.

'lhsurvey', 'manage_survey'

In order to list surveys and view their statistic he has to have this permission.

'lhsurvey', 'list_survey'

In order to delete surveys he has to have this permission.

'lhsurvey', 'delete_survey'