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Helpline and crisis solution

Live Helper Chat also can be used and helpline and crisis support solution. In this article I'll share few tips how you can give support anonymously

Using Live Helper chat as crisis/helpline solution need to fulfill these requirements.

  • Agents should see as little as possible information about a visitor - preferable none.
  • Chats should be deleted after specific period of time. Or their data should be anonymized.
  • Agents should not see what visitor is typing

To fulfill this requirement I recommend.

  • Chat configuration -> Data protection - check Do not track visitors IP. we will not log full IP of the visitor. Only country will be shown.
  • Chat configuration -> Data protection - enter After how many days encrypt messaes. we will encrypt visitor messages after specified period of data. You can also check to encrypt operator messages.
  • Chat configuration -> Data protection - check Do not store what visitor is typing we will not store what visitor is typing

Live Helper Chat by default tracks visitor pageviews and his previous chat. This can be avoided by turning off online visitors tracking.

  • Chat configuration -> Online tracking - uncheck Enable online site visitors tracking

To reduce UI for the operator you can remove unwanted permissions also.