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Working with files


Main files configuration section.

You can allow either upload files to operators or visitors. Operators has to have permission to upload files also.

Operator can upload file few ways

  • Being in message area just ctrl+v it will paste content from clipboard.
  • Drop file in dedicated area.
  • Choose file manually

Files can be two types persistent or not. Persistent file means it won't be deleted by files maintenance workflow.

Antivirus setup (ClamAV)

You can test antivirus setup by executing

php cron.php -s site_admin -c cron/util/test_antivirus -p <path_to_file>

To debug you can by editing these file

Files maintenance

This article will explain how files maintenance works. To automate this process you have to have files maintenance cronjob running. This maintenance script deletes only chat related files. So if you upload files separately it won't be deleted as they are presistent.

Cronjob location (github)

Definition of fields

  • Delete files
    • Visitors - indicates we should delete visitors files
    • Operators - indicates we should delete operators files
  • if files is (OR) - if you do not choose any - all file types will be deleted.
    • Unassigned to chat - delete files which are not related to any chat (operator/visitor). E.g you made screenshot what visitor sees in online visitors list.
    • Assigned to chat - delete files which are associated with chat (operator/visitor)
  • And operator file is older than n days - delete files older than defined days numbers
  • And visitor file is older than n days - delete files older than defined days numbers


To allow user to configure files upload

'lhfile', 'use'

To allow operators to send files to visitor

'lhfile', 'use_operator'

Allow operator to upload new file

'lhfile', 'upload_new_file'

To allow operators to list all uploaded files. He will see List of files link.

'lhfile', 'file_list'

To allow operators to delete all files

'lhfile', 'file_delete'

To allow operators to delete his chat files

'lhfile', 'file_delete_chat'