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Need help tool-tip configuration

By default tooltip is enabled. You can disable it at

Configuration -> Chat configuration -> Online Tracking -> "Show need help tooltip?"

New widget

New widget look and feel can by changed in themes.

Need help tool tip

Old widget

You can also set timeout after how many hours this tooltip should be shown for the same user again. This tooltip is highly configurable and with embed options you can change photo, main title and subtitle

You can style how this widget looks like from back office by creating theme.

Bellow mentioned option are for advanced users who needs custom solutions.

Let say you do not want photo

LHCChatOptions.opt = {widget_width:320,nh_image:false};

Let say you want another photo

LHCChatOptions.opt = {widget_width:320,nh_image:'url to image'};

Let say you want to remove sub title

LHCChatOptions.opt = {widget_width:320,nh_sub_title_text:''};

Let say you want to change title and subtitle

LHCChatOptions.opt = {widget_width:320,nh_title_text:'My main title',nh_sub_title_text:'My subtitle'};

All these options can be combined together.

How do I change background color of tooltip?

Just in your site css add

#lhc_need_help_container{background:red !important;}

I do not see any tooltip?

  • Try to open window in incognito mode.
  • Once chat is started it won't show invitation for the next 24h.
  • Make sure you have enabled need help tooltip
  • Make sure tooltip timeout value is bigger than 0
  • If you are using themes, make sure you have not disabled it accidentally
  • With fresh: true javascript option cookies are not saved so need help tooltip does not work

How do I change general tooltip style?