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Multiple clients

Since 3.29v you can setup Live Helper Chat in a such way so it could support multiple clients at once. Altough the best way to support multiple clients is just use automated hosting extension.


I assume you are running at-least 3.29v default setup.

Creating departments

First we have to create two departments. Client A and Client B. We do not change anything there.

Creating users groups

We create two users groups

System configuration -> Users -> List of groups

We create group Client A and then Client B. This is required only if you are planning to have more than one operator per company. If it will be only one operator per company, you can skip this step and just remove permissions to see users from same group.

After that to each group we assign Operators role.

Creating users

We create user clienta and choose his group as Client A

We assign him Client A department.

We do same steps with clientb user.

Adjusting operators role permissions

Removing permissions

Remove permission to see assigned departments so operator won't see other clients departments.

'lhuser', 'see_assigned_departments'

By default operators can see all online visitors we want to remove this permission. We do this by editing Operators role and removing.

'lhchat', 'sees_all_online_visitors'

By default operator sees all operators from group he belongs to. Now is possible to remove this permission by deleting. After you do that operator will see only himself in operators list and not a members of the group he belongs to.

'lhuser', 'see_all_group_users'

If you do not want operator to be able to see logged operators from his department remove this permission.

'lhuser', 'userlistonline'

If you do not want to allow an operator to see in general online visitors remove this permission.


Remove permission for other modules

'lhquestionary', 'manage_questionary'
'lhchatbox', 'manage_chatbox'
'lhbrowseoffer', 'manage_bo'

Adding permissions

Giving permission to view statistic. We grant Operators role these permissions.


Giving permission to edit his own department. We grant Operators role these permissions.


Giving permission to upload files.


Giving permission to auto-responder


Giving permission to generate embed code


Giving permissions to work with subjects

'lhchat', 'setsubject'
'lhchat', 'administratesubject'

Giving permissions to work with Proactive Invitations

'lhchat', 'administrateinvitations'

These items are not supported and you should not give them permissions to work with these

  • Pro active chat variables
  • Pro active chat events
  • Pro active chat campaigns


My client want more than one department. Is it supported?


Can clients user multiple domains?


My client want to have custom start chat form fields?

You can just use Start chat form fields

How do I match their site design?

You can use themes and while generating embed code for them you can choose theme to use.

I want to give them permission to X Function but it does not support multiple clients?

Just contact me and maybe I can help you.

Unsupported features in multiple clients environment

  • Survey See Multiple clients support in survey
  • Themes. Although you can make a theme and just give them it's number.
  • Product
  • Bot
  • Web push notifications subscribers
  • Additional chat columns/variables.