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Start chat form settings

These settings allow to have custom interface for starting chat. Also allows to have custom fields defined directly in back office without any scripting.

Start chat settings has two options

  • Either you use default settings for all departments.
  • Either you defined start chat settings by department. For start chat settings take effect you have to pass department explicitly.
  • If you pass more than one department widget fields will automatically represent selected department options

I also recommend to a see few youtube videos regarding possible options

This is the main window of start chat form settings page.

Start chat form settings

Attributes definition

Enable leave a message functionality automatically if there are no online operators

Please refer to offline messaging

Open popup on mobile devices using mobile layout.

You can force mobile devices to open popup instead of same page widget.

Auto start chat if there is no required fields. Usefull in case bot handles chat.

Usefull if you want to start chat as soon visitor opens a widget. You should not have any of required fields just.

Do not process internal pages and use redirects.

Not used in new widget anymore. Effects only old widget.

Disable start chat URL

If you do not want to allow visitors start chat directly by typing lhc_web/index.php url you can check this checkbox. It will disable this form.

Checking this checkbox also will disable chat/start URL. So chat will be able to be started only from embedded widget.

Another way to disable this is just edit settings.ini.php file and change

'default_url' => 
array (
'module' => 'chat', // change to 'user'
'view' => 'start', // change to 'login'

Also you should see this value. In this case default site access is eng

'default_site_access' => 'eng',

and change default URL in relative section also

    'eng' =>
array (
'locale' => 'en_EN',
'content_language' => 'en',
'dir_language' => 'ltr',
'default_url' =>
array (
'module' => 'chat', // change to 'user'
'view' => 'start', // change to 'login'
'theme' =>
array (
0 => 'customtheme',
1 => 'defaulttheme',

After doing all that make sure you clear a cache.

Define custom fields for online mode

You can have custom fields then department is online.

Offline form settings

Define fields visible then department is offline.

Additional form settings

Additional chat settings

Show operator profile above input fields

User will see something like this.

Operator Profile


If you define theme you can change logo and message text of this operator profile. Because chat has not started yet don't have operator profile to show.

Remove space after operator profile

Used only in old widget.

Hide message label

Usually there is Question label above user message area. With this option we can hide it.

With message label

Not hidden message label

Without message label

Hide message label

Show messages box above input fields, usefull for UX combinations.

If you have only message label required and have checked this you should see UI like

Minimal UI

Hide start chat button. Usefull if in the theme you choose bot and trigger with a buttons.

If your start chat form does not require any fields by default you will see only one bottom Start a chat with us!. You can hide this button also by checking this option.

Lazy load widget content. Widget content will be loaded only if visitor clicks a status icon.

By default we load widget content before visitor even clicks a status icon. This way we avoid any delay before showing any widget content, but it also increases payload for the website. You can minimize payload for the website and accept a small delay before widget content is shown by checking this option.

Initial user message height in pixels

Used only in old widget.

Department settings

Sometimes there is requirement once department is prefilled user should not be able easily change this. So this section can help with that.

If you check User can not change passed department. and you use popup window you have to check in embed code generation Hash arguments. Visitor will not be able to change passed arguments. If user will try to change department ID he will get an error.

Custom fields

You can define custom fields directly from back office. See video

You can prefill custom fields also.

URL Arguments

Here you can define if you pass get arguments directly in chat start page we can read them and store them.


This feature is not supported yet in new widget. I would suggest just use custom variables.

Pre chat

You can have custom HTML to show before start chat fields. Usefull for UI variations. Similar thing can be done with themes although.


Required permission to manage start chat form settings

'lhchatsettings', 'administrate'


See youtube video for more combinations