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Unread chat notifications

Live Helper Chat has two types of notifications to inform a visitor about unread messages from an operator.

  • Mail notifications
  • Browser notifications

Mail notifications


  • You have to enable notifications in chat configuration.

System configuration -> Live help configuration -> Chat configuration -> Workflow

Enter 1 in Inform visitor about unread messages from operator, value in minutes. 0 - disabled

  • Workflow cronjob has to be setup

When does an e-mail is send?

During workflow execution we are looking for the chats with these conditions

  • From last operator message has to be passed more than 1 minutes
  • Chat has to have a flag that it has unread operator messages
  • Chat messages has not yet been delivered to the visitor.
  • You can see in database for this chat attributes if you do not receive an e-mails.
  • Visitor e-mail has to be known.
  • Visitor side conditions
    • Visitor has to have closed widget
    • Visitor is not receiving messages.
    • If visitor has minimized widget sync calls are still happening!
  • Make sure your server can send e-mails.
array('limit' => 10, 'filterlt' => array('last_op_msg_time' => (time() - (1*60))), 'filter' => array('has_unread_op_messages' => 1, 'unread_op_messages_informed' => 0));


  • Check before running workflow cronjob that chat has required attribute.
  • Check your server mail setting.

Browser notifications