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Chat window


This is our main chat window. I'll explain what each of the item does there and how can it be used.

Chat tab

Chat tab shows this information

  • Was last message seen by vistior. If send icon is green he saw last message.
  • If operator clicks x button he closes chat tab, but chat status is not changed in any way.
  • If visitor icon is red means visitor is not connected anymore.
  • And it shows shorten visitor nick.

Message area

In this area you will see visitor messages. Also if there are previous visitor messages you will see load a previous messages button. ​

You can also click right mouse button and see context menu related to a message.

Message delivery status indication

  1. - was was scheduled for sent. This status is used if you are using third party integration and message itself is send via webhooks workflow.
  2. - message was sent. In case it's standard widget chat it means lhc has stored message internally.
  3. - message was delivered to client device, but is un-read. This status is used for messagebird or fbmessenger exensions.
  4. - this is how default message looks like was it was read, either in the widget or via remote integrations.
  5. - message delivery has failed. This icon is used in combination with third party extensions like messagebird or fbmessenger. In case of the widget scenario you will never see this icon.

These status messages are supported also by NodeJS-Helper.

Internal messages status for reference

const STATUS_PENDING = 0;   
const STATUS_SENT = 1;
const STATUS_READ = 3;

Load previous chat button.

Operator has to have this permission to view previous visitor chats.

'lhchat', 'prev_chats'

Other operator is chat owner

If you are not chat owner you will see placeholder with a message

Writing message area

If an operator has only read-only permission, the area will not be editable by him.

An operator will also see the read-only area if he is not the chat owner and does not have the necessary permission.

'lhchat', 'writeremotechat'

If an operator opens another operator's chat and has the permissions 'lhchat', 'impersonate', he will be presented with the option to join the chat as either Chat Owner or Me. Joining as the chat owner will allow him to send messages in the name of the original chat owner.

He can choose again to join as by clicking

'lhchat', 'impersonate'

To write in whisper mode, an operator must have this permission:

'lhchat', 'whispermode'

Typing indicator

In order for operators to see full text what visitor is typing - not only indicator. They must have this permission


In user account Chat tab there is also option to enable/disable sentences Auto uppercase sentences

Toolbar actions


Attaching file can be done using this toolbar icon. Required permissions are defined in files section.


To insert emoji or link/img can be done using smiley icon.


Before sending message to visitor you can preview how it would look like with preview icon.


This allows to use speech to text functionality.

Required permission to use speech functionality


Voice messages

This will activate voice messages and will allow operator to send voice message to visitor. For required permissions refer to voice voice messages article.

Auto translate

This will translate operator message to visitor language directly in message area.

For more information refer to Automatic translations article

Hold chat

This will change chat status to hold. Also if chat is using auto responder hold messages will be activated. Hold means that operator is looking for requested information.

Required permission


Sending message

Message to vistor can be send either pressing Enter or clicking this icon. If in message are you want new line just press Shift+Enter

Canned messages area

For more information how to use canned messages see canned messages article.

Right column

In right column you will see main chat attributes.

Phone number

For operator to see full phone number he has to have this permission.



For operator to see e-mail details he has to have


For operator to see full e-mail address he has to have


Edit chat

Editing chat main information be done by clicking this icon. This icon will be visible only if operator has permission to edit current chat.

Modal window content.

Required permission to modify User attributes


To be able edit Chat attributes operator has to have


Copy to clipboard

Copying messages to clipboard can be done by clicking this icon

Modal window content


If in the chat was involed bot we show bot icon. Tooltip will show bot ID

If operator has permission 'lhgenericbot','see_actions' he can click an icon and if there we any Log actions he will see a modal window like this

Redirect to survey

User can be redirected to survey using this icon. More information about surveys.

Required permission


Close chat

This will change present chat status to closed.

This icon is presented if visitor is a chat owner or has permission to


Delete chat

This will delete chat permanently. You will have no way to restore it.

For operator to be able delete chat he has either has permission to


OR be chat owner and have permission to


Chat transfer

This will activate chat transfer functionality. Information about required permission.

Block user

This will block visitor permanently from starting any other chat. Information about blocking.

Redirect to offline/contact form

You can also redirect visitor to contact form. More information about required permissions.

Operator also can print chat content directly from chat by clicking this icon.

Attach file

Requires same permissions as toolbar icon. Required permissions are defined in files section.

You can also upload file from tab

Redirect to url

You can redirect vistior to custom page while he's having a chat. Usefull if you want to show him some page of your website.

Required permissions


Set chat language

If you are using speech to text and google incorrectly detected language you can change it here.

Required permissions


Screen share/Co-browsing

Activates co-browsing session. More information

Send mail to visitor

Shows mail sending to visitor modal window. ​

Required permissions



This option can be disabled by department.

Changing chat status

Chat status is shown in

By clicking info icon you can change chat status to different.

  • If chat status is set to pending we reset assigned operator.
  • If chat status is set to active we assign it to operator who did that, but only if chat did not had any assigned operator previously.

Required permissions

'chat', 'canchangechatstatus'


You can set chat remarks for future reference.

Take screenshot

Operator also can see exactly what customer sees by taking screenshot of his screen. It only works for page where widget is embedded.


If you are working with sensitive information this permision should not be granted to operators.

Required permissions


Visitor footprint

Footprint is shown if we can detect user footpring and online tracking is activated. Pending article...

Visitor location

If system detects visitor location you will see visitor location map here. You also have set correct google maps api key in geo configuration.

General conditions have to be met for map to be shown

  • Visitor location has to be detected
  • Google maps api key has to be set.

Online visitor

You will see this tab if visitors tracking is enabled. We also have to have information about online visitor related to this chat.

Previous chats

Also if we detect we can show previous visitor chats.

Permissions influencing chat opening permissions

If you see error like You do not have permission to access the current or chat was merged/deleted! it means that one the following conditions were not met.

Operator can open a chat or write a message if

  • For operator to be able to open closed chat he has to have lhchat,allowopenclosedchats at first place.
  • He is assigned to a chat.
  • (Chat is pending AND (chat is assigned to him OR operator has permission lhchat,open_all)) AND operator is a member of chat department.
  • Chat is assigned to other operator AND operator has permission lhchat,allowopenremotechat so he can open other's operators chats AND operator is a member of chat department.
  • Operator can write a message if operator has write permission to department AND (he has 'lhchat','writeremotechat' permission OR chat is not assigned yet to anyone OR he is a chat owner)


Main chat permission is