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Validating visitor e-mail using Rest API


This is a small sample how combining Rest API and Bot you can verify visitor e-mail using third party Rest API


You can download and import bot. download. Just right click and "save link as"

Chat workflow

Chat started

Validate e-mail clicked

Invalid e-mail format

Format valid, but not Rest API validation

Validated by Rest API call

If e-mail was an already verified visitor won't be asked for it again.

Third party API sample

It just verified that visitor has entered expected e-mail.

header('Content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8');
if (isset($_POST['email']) && $_POST['email'] == '') {
echo json_encode(['valid' => true]);
} else {
echo json_encode(['error' => 'E-mail could not be found!']);


Rest API configuration

Main configuration looks like

Our output parsing looks like

Bot setup

Our triggers


Everything starts here once a visitor starts a chat. We just suggest a vistior to validate his e-mail.

Validate e-mail

Once visitor clicks Validate e-mail e-mail button or in our system trigger named Starting we execute this trigger.

Here we do few things

  • We verify that we have not already collected his e-mail. This step is optional.
  • We execute Collect custom attribute and if format is valid we execute then Validate Rest API

Verified by API

This trigger does nothing as we already have visitor e-mail in attribute. It just sends a message.

E-mail unverified

If Rest API check fails we execute this trigger and we

  • We inform visitor that verification process failed.
  • Reset e-mail which was set previously by Validate e-mail trigger.
  • Send again Starting trigger.

Validate Rest API

This trigger executes our defined Rest API call and based on output executes either Verified by API or E-mail unferified trigger.