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Integrating any AI with coding


In this tutorial I'll give and explain how to use boilerplate template to integrate any AI into Live Helper Chat.


This integration requires programming skills. New versions bot has Rest API response type which allows integrate any third party AI solution into Live Helper Chat without coding.

Extension can be found at

How to install?

  • Activate in settings file settings.ini.php add in extension list lhcaibot
  • Import bot doc/bot.json
  • Rename extension/lhcaibot/settings/settinigs.ini.default.php to extension/lhcaibot/settings/settinigs.ini.php
  • Edit extension/lhcaibot/bootstrap/bootstrap.php and adopt to your needs.
  • Edit department bot settings.
  • After success import you should see something like this once you go to bot.

How it works?

Basic principle is simple. Every single message is send to AI engine. Visitor message can be processed either sync or async way. Async way requires background worker extension.

In bootstrap.php file you will see two main functions

  • genericHandlerEvent handles user event
  • getClick handles button click.

As for integration there can be also way when AI sends message directly to Live Helper Chat using it's Rest API.

Defined triggers purposes

  • Default trigger - this trigger is executed once chat starts or visitor sends any other message we don't know what to do. It has two options checked Default and Default for unknown
  • Response found - this trigger is executed if our AI finds something and want's to print this information to visitor.
  • Response not found - this trigger is executed if our AI does not finds anything relevant.
  • About US - just simple message when visitor clicks About US button
  • Transfer to operator - this trigger is executed once we don't find anything and user clicks transfer to operator.
  • No operators available - if there are no online operators this message is send.
  • Button response click - this trigger is send from bootstrap.php file.