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Validating a visitor provided information


This is sample bot/extension which validates a customer provided information.


Bot can be found at which you can download and just import.

You can download extension from

How does it work?

As soon chat is started it asks a visitor what does he wants. If visitor clicks Where is my parcel then Search for parcel trigger is executed and extension does all the verifying process and returns output.

What it does?

It asks for a customer for a tracking number and depending on third party response gives the following output

  • Parcel number is invalid
  • Parcel is not found
  • Correct parcel status is returned.

How can it be used?

It can be as boilerplate for similar extensions. Where you need to return something based what user has entered. E.g

  • Tracking information
  • Order status
  • Etc...


Step 1

Step 2