How to use bot?

Basic features are

  • Extensions can have custom information collecting functionality.
  • Bot can match text or quick reply buttons. This allows to create navigation style workflow.

How to use?

Navigate to

System -> Live Helper Configuration -> Bot list

Create a bot. Once bot is saved go back to bot list and click bot name.

To activate bot you have to edit department and choose a bot in department edit window.

Dashboard also has new widget bot chats. Once widget is activate it will show bot chats. You may need in your account -> visible lists to enable bot chats listing.

How bot building workflow looks like?

  • Firs thing you have to do is to create a triggers group. Trigger is just action on which something will happen. Trigger can listen to multiple events. Like hi, hey, hellow text and button clicks.
  • Middle column represents what actions bot will do if trigger is matched.
  • Right column will represent what visitor will see.

Bot reply types

  • Basic
  • Advanced
    • Collect information
    • Progress
    • Trigger to execute by response
    • Execute Javascript
    • Execute action


What is payload?

Then you define an event which should be called on button click. It's a payload.

Does the bot learn overtime (Like Chatterbot) or this one purely depends on input from admin?

No. But perhaps in the future this part will be extended

Can you alternate between Bot & human or human interfere at later stage ?

Yes. There is special actions for that. To transfer chat to human and to bot.

Do I have to add "Pattern or event name" ....can add more than one ...for example if someone say "Hi" , Hello , morning , i bring one(1) response?

Yes you can. Just add more than one event.



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