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Send mail


This article explains how to use Send mail response type.


You can use all attributes in the fields same as in Send text response type.

In addition to that Mail body supports rest api variables like {{msg_all}}.

How to send an e-mail if survey is filled?

This is usefull in case you want to monitor how your operators are working.

Bot trigger content looks like

How to send an e-mail on chat close to visitor?

For that we need two things.

Webhook to catch chat close event.

In this even we listen for chat close event and execute this only if this chat had an operator. You can add more conditions like department etc...

Bot trigger to send an e-mail

In this trigger we just send an email with all chat messages.


Syntax for simple buttons looks like. This can be send directly as a meta_msg body to 

"_id": "4U08JX0lD",
"type": "mail",
"content": {
"text": "Operator {} has responded to your request.\n\nThis is your conversation history\n{{msg_all}}",
"mail_options": {
"subject": "Operator has responded to your request #{}",
"from_name": "{}",
"from_email": "",
"recipient": "{}"