Debuging application

Enabling debug output

In order to see what templates what used in page render you have to enable debug output in settings/settings.ini.php file

'debug_output' => true,

Disabling cache

Do not forget that to see all used template you have to disable cache also.

'templatecache' => true,
'templatecompile' => true,
'modulecompile' => true,

Web application folders structure

  • cache (Stores cache)
  • design (Design categorys)
    • <used_design>
  • doc (Release documentation)
  • extension (All extensions goes here)
  • ezcomponents
  • lib (core of the framework)
    • autoloads
      • lhcore_autoload.php (Main application autoload file)
  • core (Folder holds application logic modules files)
  • models (Folder contains application models clases)
  • modules (There goes application modules.)
  • pos (Represents eZ Components pos, persistent object talbles definitions)
  • settings (holds application settings files.)
  • translations (holds application translations)

How to use debug output

After you have enabled debug output you will see in popup window something like

Regarding widget debuging, you will not see debug output so easily. These instructions applies also to embed widgets and site widgets.


After you do that. New window will open on chrome, so just delete "view-source:" and you will see full list.


Understanding debug output

As in above example you see that widget styles can be overrided editing customtheme/css/widget_override.css file. Debug shows all searched files during page load. If you want to edit invitation to chat green block the easiest way to do that is just override styles using !important flag. These styles should be in your site CSS not widget_override.css file.

During some action app returns white screen, what to do?

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