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Chat window

This document describes where you can change main UI elements of the widget.

You can change header icons location by creating a new widget theme and setting a custom header icons

Chat window toolbar

Toolbar with enabled all options looks like

Sound icon

By default, sound are enabled for the visitor you can tur it off by default in

System configuration -> Synchronisation and sound settings -> Play a sound on a new message for a front end user

Sound icon itself can't be hidden for the visitor

Print option for the visitor can be enabled in the chat settings

File icon

Files upload option can be enabled/disable in file settings

Face icon

  • If you are not using widget theme Face button can be disabled in chat configuration
  • If you are using widget theme Face button should be disabled directly in widget theme Hide BB Code button

Mail icon

Mail button can be disabled in chat settings

Close icon

Close icon in dropdown also can be hidden in chat settings

Font size icon

Font size change icon can be enabled in widget themes

Voice call

Voice call icon is visible only if operator accepts a chat. More about voice calls

Voice message

Read more about voice messages

Change language

Icon for the visitor to change widget language.

Read more about this option chat settings

Download as txt

Download option can be disabled at global level using chat configuration chat settings

I don't like one of the text and it's not changeable in widget theme?

Use simple extension to translate english text directly there

Read more about languages