Best way to change widget style


In this tutorial I'll try to explain how to modify new widget. For old widget you can refer to this article

New widget CSS files are located at


There is special CSS files dedicated to CSS overriding.

  • design/defaulttheme/css/widgetv2/embed_override.css if widget is embeded in page use this file to override it's style.
  • design/defaulttheme/css/widgetv2/status_override.css use this file to override status widget content style.
  • design/defaulttheme/css/widgetv2/widget_override.css use this file to override main widget content
  • design/defaulttheme/css/widgetv2/widget_override_rtl.css use this file to override RTL widget style.
  • design/defaulttheme/css/widgetv2/widget_mobile_override.css use this file to override widget while chat is happening on mobile device. widget_override.css this file still will be used.

How to use CSS file dedicated to override?

See this sample extension.

Put it as


Activate in settings/settings.ini.php file

'extensions' => array ('overridecss'),

Where is source code for a new widget?

There is two apps wrapper and widget

Wrapper is responsible for rendering sourceless iframes in page itself.

To compile wrapper

cd lhc_web/design/defaulttheme/widget/wrapper && npm install && npm run build

Widget is responsible for the chat logic itself.

To compile widget itself

cd lhc_web/design/defaulttheme/widget/react-app && npm install && npm run build && npm run build-ie
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