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Useful console commands

Here is all console commands you can execute besides cronjobs.

Clear cache

php cron.php -s site_admin -c cron/util/clear_cache

Updates Live Helper Chat database directly from console

You might not see differences compared to a new Live Helper if your server can't make request to remote URL. In that case you can update database by executing this shell command from lhc_web folder. In that case makes sense update files first just. If Live Helper Chat won't be able to download schema from github it will try local definition.

php cron.php -s site_admin -c cron/util/update_database

Test antivirus installation

php cron.php -s site_admin -c cron/util/test_antivirus -p <path_to_file>

Generate translation file

This command I run every time I make some development.

php cron.php -s site_admin -c cron/util/generate_translation_file