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Mail settings


Main mail settings. I suggest after installation set them to your settings. These settings can be found at

System configuration -> Mail settings

E-mail templates

E-mail templates can be changed in

System configuration -> E-mail templates


How to use Google or any other SMTP server?

You can use google SMTP settings. There is demo configuration screenshot. Also I have provided some additional info below this image.

In general:

  • host: tls://
  • port: 587
  • Username: Your google email address
  • Password: Your google password

If during configuraiton you get error like Authentification error, you may need to create an application password. It's security policy used by google to avoid third party applications accesing your account. - application password can be created there - a little bit more information

Some of the e-mails comes from root@localhost, where can I change that?

You have to edit mail templates. E.g

Edit "From e-mail" and set proper sender e-mail.


Required permissions to configure SMTP/Mail settings


Required permissions to change e-mail templates