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Here you can see all events logged. If you are developing and log records they will be visible here.

"System configuration" => "Audit log"

Audit configuration

From audit configuration you can choose what basic objects changes should be logged


For older records deletion you have to be running workflow cronjob

How to search for specific object modification/deletion?

You can search for objects modification by searching by category

  • CannedMsg - canned message modification
  • CannedMsgDelete - canned message delete event
  • AutoResponder - Auto Responder modify event
  • AutoResponderDelete - Auto Responder delete event
  • Subject - Subject modify event
  • SubjectDelete - Subject delete event

If in search you provide Object ID you can see exactly what modified object.

How to log custom events from extensions?

If you are developing extension you can log something there like this

erLhcoreClassLog::write(print_r(array('just some data to log'),true),
'source' => 'Bot',
'category' => 'invalid_username',
'line' => __LINE__,
'file' => __FILE__,
'object_id' => $chat->id


Required permissions to see log


Required permissions to configure audit log