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Conditions allows you to have predefined conditions which can be used in multiple places

  • Check for conditions to proceed bot response type
  • Chat priority as one of the conditions

For conditions being checked they have special syntax

{condition.<condition_identifier>} E.g {condition.is_vip}

Value after check can be either valid or not_valid

While defining conditions it can check other conditions. E.g

Chat attributes extraction

You can extract any attribute using this modal window

Conditions explanations

These explains are valid everywhere you see conditions checking

= as a number and string comparison

Equal condition. Has to be exact match. It can be a number comparing or string

E.g chat department identifier field is equal to my_storage

{} = 'my_storage' {} = 'my_pid'`

>,>=, <,<= as a number comparison

E.g Chat duration is more than 5 seconds

{} > 5

Text like and Text not like

Internally it's called like and notlike

These rules are defined here

E.g {} Text like edas && em [params max_words=2]

I expect to find only two words where both of them should be edas and em

If you want to match any value from list of values just do

{} Text like remdex,vip_player nick should be either remdex or vip_player {} Text like 5,8 Matches if department id is 5 or 8


Is checking if one part of the string is presented in another string.

Bot example

Usage in bot example


Required permissions