If you want to see how themes can look like check our free themes category.

As with every open source project everyone wan't to change something. We have option to style pretty much everything directly from back office. We can do following things

  • Change widget style
  • Change back office style
  • Have personal themes

Theming window

Widget themes has few sections. I'll try in short term describe what you can do in each of them.

Status widget style

Here you can change main widget attributes. Like logo etc.


Some of these attributes are quite old and not used anymore. They will be removed in old version.

Widget container

Here you can change general outlook of widget. Like borders padding etc.

Messages style

Here you can change how message style looks like for visitor.

Need help widget

You can change how need help widget looks like.


This is not yet supported in new a widget.

Chat widget

Here you can change default text in widget itself.

Custom content

You can write custom HTML above start chat form fields.

Custom CSS

If you want to style form directly using CSS you can use this section.

Custom bot style

You can change default bot buttons style.


If you are using notifications functionality you should set logo and notification details here.


How do I apply theme?

You can either set default theme in back office or you can choose theme in embed code generation window.

How do I import a theme?

Navigation to

"System configuration" -> "Live help configuration" -> "Import new theme"

In this window just upload a new theme.

How do I apply imported theme, set the default one?

  • You can set default theme in

    Configuration -> Live Chat configuration -> Default theme

  • Also you can apply themes individually to embed code by selecting combobox in widget generation window. So you can just choose which theme widget should use.

How do I pass theme to start chat window?

Theme argument is /(theme)/<theme_id> so you can just manually write what theme should use. E.g index.php/chat/start/(theme)/2

I have created a theme and want to share with community where should I send a theme file?

Just send it to me.


In order operator to be able edit themes, set default theme he has to have this permission

'lhtheme', 'administratethemes'

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