Pro active chat invitation

Since 1.38v we are capable to show users message if certain criteria are met

  • Invitation tab
    • "Name for personal purposes" - just enter a name. Will be used only for personal purposes
    • "Operator name" - what name should we shown as operator.
    • "Position" - invitation priority in other words. Invitations with lower value has higher priority. If two invitations are matched. Invitation with lower position value will be shown to visitor.
    • "Language, leave empty for all. E.g lit, rus, ger etc..." - Live Helper Chat in which user is visiting site. siteaccess or language in other words. Usefull if for different language visitors you want to show different messages.
    • "Time on site in seconds" - how much time user has to spend on site for invitation to be triggered.
    • "Pageviews" - Number of pageviews user has to make for invitation to be triggered.
    • "Referrer domain without www, E.g google keyword will match any of google domain" - self explanatory
    • "How many times user show invitation, 0 - untill users closes it, > 0 limits." - how many times show invitation to visitor once invitation is triggered.
    • "Show random operator profile" - if checked will show random logged operator profile.
    • "Enter operators IDs from whom random operator should be shown, separated by comma" - if you want to show random operator profile just from specific list. You can enter these operator's id's.
    • "Identifier, for what identifier this message should be shown, leave empty for all" - Identifier, by this identifier you can filter for what embed codes this invitation is active. During embed code generaetion you have to use same identifier. That way you can have separate messages for separate identifiers.
    • "Tag" - show invitation only for specifically tagged online visitors. (Tutorial pending)
    • "Department" - show invitation only for visitors where department is provided in embed code. Otherwise invitation won't be triggered. In embed code generation you have to choose department.
    • "Message to user" - message to be send to visitor. 
    • "Message to returning user" - If we detect that it's not the first time invitation is triggered for online visitor then we check is this message filled. This message field can have {nick} variable. It will be replaced with previous chat nick.
    • "Nick which will be used if we cannot determine returning user name" - self explanatory
    • "Wait message. Visible then users starts chat and is waiting for someone to accept a chat." - self explanatory
    • "Wait timeout. Time in seconds before timeout message is shown." - How long should we wait before timeout message is shown. During this interval usually operator should accept a chat.
    • "Show visitor this message then wait timeout passes." - if operator does not accept a chat for "Wait timeout" time. Show visitor this message.
    • "How many times repeat message?" - how many times repeat wait timeout message. Message will be repeated every "Wait timeout" times.
  • Dynamic (this dynamic invitation. All above conditions also has to be met)
    • "This is dynamic invitation" - Marks invitation as dynamic
    • "Choose a dynamic event"
      • "Mouse leaves a browser window" - invitation is triggered once visitor leaves a browser window.
      • "Visitor idle N seconds on site" - how many sites we should not detect any mouse movemenet for invitation to be triggered. Value is entered in bellow field.
    • "Show invitation if visitor is iddle for n seconds"
  • Events (event's condittions has to be met. Also above standard conditions has to be met). 
    • "Event" - choose from defined events.
    • "Min number of times" - how many times event has to be detectd in "During last N seconds"
    • "During last N seconds" - interval during which "Min number of times"

"Events" and "Dynamic invitations" cannot be used at the same time!

Proactive chat's variables

They define what variables can be logged. Fields definition bellow

  1. "Name for personal purposes" - just a name
  2. "Identifier" - used in javascript call.
  3. "Do not store event if from last event has passed less than x seconds." - if from last logged event has not passed x seconds do not log it as new event.
  4. "Filter by value" - if checked. We will also check a value for unique event record.

Example what can be done with "Events" show invirtation if today's is user birthday

  1. First we have to define it in "Pro active chat variables"
    1. We set identifier as birthday
    2. We set store timeout to 0 - this will avoid duplicate records. Because birthday does not have an expire time.
  2. First we have to define log event for online visitor. It's possible to do in two options.
    1. Either call JS function - lh_inst.logEvent([{id:"birthday"}]);
    2. Either define it in arguments = new Array();{id:'birthday'});
  3. Next we have to configure proactive invitation events part like that

This configuration means, that birthday has to be recorded as event atlast one time within 24 hours. 3600 (1 hour) * 24 hours in a day.

Show invitation if login failed 5 times.

Everything is similar to above except.

This time we force to login event each time if from last login passed atleast 1 second.

And in proactive invitation itself configuration looks like

Here we expect to show invitation if this event accoured minimum 5 times during last half hour.

Example workflow with identifier

Let say we have two domains. and so here are the steps we have to do to have different messages for different domains

  1. Generate embed code and in identifier field put example1_com for domain
  2. Generate embed code and in identifier field put example2_com for domain
  3. Now got to proactive messages list and create new
    1. For domain in identifier field enter example1_com as identifier. All others paratemers you can choose which you want.
    2. For domain in identifier field enter example2_com as identifier. All others paratemers you can choose which you want.

That's all. Different domains will show different messages. Using this trick you can also show different messages not only by domain, but also by language etc.


How do I test my invitation rules?

Just find yourself in online visitors list and delete your row. Next time you refresh a page you will be seen as a new visitor.

I do not get any invitations?

Make sure your invitation matches generated embed code rules. E.g

  • Department - if you have chosen department in embed code but did not assigned any to invitation rules. If you have not assigned any department in widget code genration make sure proactive invitation also has none
  • Make sure languages matches. E.g you made invitation with language /eng but site is /fre
  • In general - try to follow install tutorial.

How proactive messages retargeting works?

Proactive messages retargeting. In returning message field you can enter {nick}, if we will find a previous chat associated with this online user, nick from previous chat will be used if not proactive invitation nick field value will be used.