Integration with Google Analytics event tracking

New widget

In version 3.42v there is new option in System configuration -> Live Help configuration -> Events Tracking there you can configure Google Analytics integration. More information available at Events Tracking

If you want manually configure integration you can do that using available callbacks see Javascript Arguments article

Old widget

To integrate google analytics event tracking you just have to define callback for start chat action. Here is possible callbacks for widget embed code

LHCChatOptions.callback = {
online_chat_started_cb : function(inst) {
// chat was started
chat_started_by_invitation_cb : function(inst) {
// chat was started by invitation
offline_request_cb:function(inst) {
// user has send offline request
// Show widget function was called, if you are using API embed you can generate custom html there.
console.log('is-online+'+inst.isOnline); // Can be used to render custom html etc or do some other stuff
start_chat_cb:function(type){ // User clicked widget
    _gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'LiveHelperChat', 'StartChat', type]);

So our final embed code can look like

<script type="text/javascript">
var LHCChatOptions = {};
LHCChatOptions.opt = {widget_width:320};
LHCChatOptions.callback = {start_chat_cb:function(type){
    _gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'LiveHelperChat', 'StartChat', type]);
**Other script....**

Here is callbacks for page embed code

LHCChatOptionsPage.callback = {
online_chat_started_cb : function(inst) {
    // Online chat started
offline_request_cb:function(inst) {
    // Offline request was send

Type variable can have the following values

  • external - was opened popup window. Get's executed when clicking on status widget opens popup. Operators status is online.
  • external_offline - was opened popup window. Get's executed when clicking on status widget opens popup. Operators status is offline.
  • internal_invitation - was opened invitation widget
  • internal - user clicked on status widget and widget was shown. Operators status is online.
  • internal_offline - opened widget then operators status was offline
  • internal_reopen - user was having chat and just navigated to another page and widget loaded.

For more information you can see

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