How to make unbranded version of Live Helper Chat?

There is two options to unbrand

  • Use themes and restyle basic things from back office
  • Use unbranding extension and modify all required files by hand

For majority of users I suggest just use theming features for restyling.

In order to unbrand esility Live Helper Chat we have a module for that. So unbranding takes just few steps.

Download "unbrand" extension from and put it in extension folder.

Before making any changes please make sure that you have disabled a cache. Also it's would be nice if you read about debug output.

Activate unbrand extension in settings/settings.ini.php

'extensions' =>
          array (
            0 => 'unbrand',

Modify "extension/unbrand/design/unbrandtheme/tpl/pagelayouts/parts" templates

It's just enough write your own company copyright tag and replace images in "extension/unbrand/design/unbrandtheme/images". I have put all brand related images, favicon.ico, notificaiton icon and logo for back office and front office.

Don't forget to change some settings in back office.

Also enable cache after you finished all changes.

How to change default application sounds?

Here is workflow how to change desktop and web application default sounds.

In order to change default application sounds copy sounds from


to, create folder if it does'nt exists.


That way you will override default sounds without modifying default sounds.

For desktop application just change sounds in "sounds" folder.

How to change header link and footer content?

I highly recommend the following way for changing header and footer. Default header and footer is located at

design/defaulttheme/tpl/pagelayouts/parts/page_head_logo.tpl.php design/defaulttheme/tpl/pagelayouts/parts/page_footer_user.tpl.php

In order to change header or logo just copy templates from defaulttheme to customtheme

design/customtheme/tpl/pagelayouts/parts/page_head_logo.tpl.php design/customtheme/tpl/pagelayouts/parts/page_footer_user.tpl.php​

That way you will override default header and footer content without changing default designs.

How to change logo?

If you want just change logo for visitors you can just use themes.

I highly recommend the following way for changing default app logo. Default logo is located at:


In order to change logo just create your logo in


That way you will override default logo without changing kernel. If after change logo is displayed the same, clean the cache.

How to change style?

See sample extension at

My styles are not applied

If you are modifying CSS files directly most likely static cache are used. Static cache is not used if debug output is enabled. I always recommend to override CSS files properly either with extensions or custom themes. You can avoid this problem by generating static cache.

If you have a merge conflicts in design/defaulttheme/css/css_static or design/defaulttheme/js/js_static there is no need to solve these manually. Just regenerate a static cache.

Boosting performance for static files

Once you active an extension or add custom theme CSS/JS files are generated on the fly. By default LHC if no extensions or custom themes are used uses once per lifetime compiled CSS/JS files.

How do I generate static cache?

generating static cache.

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