Offline messaging

Default behaviour

By default leave a message functionality is enabled in generated embed code. If you in embed code generation window un-check

Show a ‘leave a message form’ when there are no online operators

when chat is offline - widget will be hidden. If you in "Start chat form settings" page enable.

Enable leave a message functionality automatically if there are no online operators

Offline widget will be shown again. So you can genarate embed code without enable leave a message functionality and later enable in start chat form settings page just. Offline widget looks like.

Offline widget

Disable the offline message for a widget

  • Generate embed code without Show a ‘leave a message form’ when there are no online operators
  • Make sure you do not have checked Enable leave a message functionality automatically if there are no online operators in "Start chat form settings"
  • Widget should be hidden now if there is no online operators.

Disable the offline message for a static url

Two scenarios here.

  • If you pass one department like.

and this department is offline and you do not pass /(leaveamessage)/true or do not Enable leave a message functionality automatically if there are no online operators have checked you should see something like.

Offline single

  • If you pass more than one department or do not pass any

Offline message form always will be shown even if you do not pass department.


This behaviour should change in future releases and respect offline request settings per department.

Widget behaviour

If there is at-least one online operator widget will be shown as online. In department dropdown offline department will be marked as offline.

Offlime multiple departments

  • If you choose offline department you should see offline form instantly.
  • If you pass only one department, department option will be hidden.

Defining recipient

You can also edit template in e-mail templates section.

  • Recipient decision order
    • If department has assigned e-mail this email receives the requests
    • If department does not have assigned e-mail, check perhaps e-mail template has recipient field filled
    • If none of the above conditions are met, mail is send to first from users list. In most cases it's the admin.

Redirecting user manually from chat to contact form

Redirect to contact

Required permission for operator to be able to do this


How to redirect user to contact form if chat is not accepted for some time?

Just edit depatment and set after how many seconds user should be redirected to leave a message form.

As for bonus you can have the following fancy workflow

  • Have a please wait a mesage using auto responder.
  • Setup delayed responder let say after 30 seconds if chat is not accepted. Let say inform user there that he will be redirected to leave a message form.
  • And set that after 35 seconds user is redirected to offline form.

This workflow can be even futher enhanced by transfering chat to another department first and only then showing feedback form. In that case "Rejected" department have to be configured to redirect user to feedback form.

How do not prefill an offline message?

  • Create a widget theme in back office
  • Set it as default
  • In theme edit page Widget container check Do not prefill offline message with chat messages.

How to redirect visitor to offline form from bot?

If there is no online operators you can use trigger

Update current chat -> Update main chat attribute -> and in Chat attribute name enter status_sub and value enter 2

Internally it just means const STATUS_SUB_CONTACT_FORM = 2;

You can also redirect visitor to survey


How to redirect visitor to offline form if no one accepts a chat in defined amount of time?

See video tutorial

Basic steps are

  • Setup auto responder [Optional]
  • Edit department Delay in seconds before leave a message form is shown. 0 Means functionality is disabled

That's it. :)

How to redirect user to custom page then user clicks on offline widget?

Let say you want to redirect user to some page then your operators are offline.

You can do that by adjusting your embed code and appending redirect url. E.g

offline_redirect: '', // Redirect user to this page if chat is offline | Optional

New widget

Please refer to javascript arguments page.

Old widget

<script type="text/javascript">
var LHCChatOptions = {};
LHCChatOptions.opt = {offline_redirect:''};
(function() {
var po = document.createElement('script'); po.type = 'text/javascript'; po.async = true;
var refferer = (document.referrer) ? encodeURIComponent(document.referrer.substr(document.referrer.indexOf('://')+1)) : '';
var location = (document.location) ? encodeURIComponent(window.location.href.substring(window.location.protocol.length)) : '';
//po.src = '//'+refferer+'&l='+location;
po.src = '//'+refferer+'&l='+location;
var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s);

Offline settings

You can also choose few options regarding offline message storage under

System configuration > Live Helper Configuration > Offline settings

Offline settings


Required permissions to manage offline settings.

'lhsystem', 'offlinesettings'

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