BBCode tags you can use in Live Helper Chat

These are all possible combinations you can use in Live Helper Chat BBCode. You can these tags everywhere where message is send to a visitor.

Bold the text


Italic text






HTML Code. This tag is supported only by operators!

[html]your custom html goes here[/html]

Change font size. Font size can be to whatever value you want actually.

[fs12]Font size 12[/fs]

Change color

[color=FF0000]Custom color text[/color]

File or Image


Link to file with your own link title

[url=[baseurl]file/downloadfile/639/f2f84b4d09a2e5bb492efa189b8ebad4[/baseurl]] Click to download an invoice [/url]

Image with a link to some URL

[file=639_f2f84b4d09a2e5bb492efa189b8ebad4_img link=]

Embedded image with a link to an image. Quick way to download image for a visitor.

[file=639_f2f84b4d09a2e5bb492efa189b8ebad4_img link]

External image



[url=]Live Helper Chat[/url]

Youtube video


Upload a file link. Files upload has to be enabled. This code is usefull with !files command.

[fupload]Upload a file[/fupload]

Base URL. This will render URL as internal URL.


Renders link to view survey results for the admin


Renders button. Chat should have assigned bot


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